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Mekong Delta: The most rapid growth of Pangasius farming all over the world
Update 12/15/2008
On Dec 3rd, WWF Greater Mekong Organization held the conference of farming pangasius
Malaysia wishes to re-export to EU market soon
Update 12/8/2008
The vice bureau of Malaysia Fish Bureau, Mr Suhall Lee said Malaysia would fufill the tasks to re-export to EU in the next March.
White Fish Industry Could be Wiped Out
Update 12/8/2008
SCOTLAND, UK - Fisherman say a large section of the white fish industry will be wiped out if the latest proposals on conserving fish stocks go ahead.
Standards Set for Animal Feeds
Update 12/6/2008
VIET NAM - Animal feed can contain a maximum of 2.5mg of melamine per kg under a decision issued last Friday by the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).
Aquaculture processing is for only exporting but selling within the domestic markets.
Update 12/3/2008
Aquaculture and wood are the best exported products in the recent years though USA has put an anti-devaluation tax on Pangasius and Black Tiger Shrimp since 2000s.
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