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There are a lot of problems occurring on Vietnamese Pangasius in 2008
Update 11/19/2008
Right when the crisis of redundant quantity of material Pangasius has been temporarily solved, a global financial crisis, which first appeared in Wall, has badly influenced Pangasius trading.
Cuu Long Delta River: Import and export of Pangasius reached 1.250 billion USD
Update 11/19/2008
An Giang Fisheries Association cooperated with Fish Association of provinces in Cuu Long delta river celebrated a seminar of estimating the production, Pangasius consuming in 2008 and forecast in...
The Mekong Delta: The price of Pangasius is low but it has not been consumed
Update 11/19/2008
There is a problem in Mekong Delta which has made the farmers worried because their Pangaisus’s yield is not much and its prices are low but it has not been consumed.
Breeding clam – an economic kind of aquaculture needs to be protected and improved.
Update 11/19/2008
In the middle of November in Khai Long plain (Dat Mui village, Ngoc Hien district), the farmers are farming breeding
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