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Ben Tre : Project of raising Pangasius/Pangasiidae to 2020
Update 1/10/2009

The people ‘s committee of Ben Tre province has just ratified the project of specific areas for raising Pangasius/Pangasiidae in the province from now to 2020 with the aim at developing Pangasius/Pangasiidae raising safely, effectively and firmly.

Currently, the province has the total area of farming Pangasius/Pangasiidae of 560 hectares with the production of 40.963 tons.

The total area schemed to 2020 is 2.880 hectares (area schemed for specialized farming in ponds: 1.825 hectares, area for floating cage: 32 hectares, area for crop rotation farming in blackish water area: 1.023 hectares).

Total production schemed to 2020 is 291.900 tons (specialized farming: 193.410 tons, floating cages: 26.880 tons and crop rotation farming: 71.610 tons).

According to the project, areas allowed to raise Pangasius/Pangasiidae to 2020 include areas that have enough raising condition in Cho Lach, Chau Thanh, Mo Cay, Giong Trom, Binh Dai, Ba Tri, Thanh Phu districts.

In order to operate the project correctly, the province will build projects of developing irrigation system, grid for manufacturing, traffic system, logistics services, etc. Simultaneously, the province also carries out the solutions of supporting capital, variety, feed, technology, policy structure, markets for consuming, developing and training personnel, preserving environment, etc.

Source: Communist Party of Vietnam online newspaper

Translated by Vietfish Community