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Vietnamese seafood import trend in Korea
Update 2/6/2009

In 2008 Korean market, total seafood import volume reported 935,332 M/T.

In this volume, Vietnamese seafood volume occupied 5% of total rate. It is decreased 5% compared with same period of 2007.

Import value of Vietnamese seafood that imported during the 12 months of 2008, reached USD 210 million, up 4% on those of same period of 2007.

During the December 2008, import volume reached 4,378 M/T and the value reached USD 2.27 million, down 11% in volume, 8% in value on those of previous year.

Main import item is appeared as follows, frozen Baby octopus (16,684 M/T), frozen Poulp squid (5,303 M/T), frozen Cuttlefish (3,396 M/T), frozen Black tiger shrimp meat (2,874 M/T), dried Squid (2,151 M/T). Most of seafood items are generally decreased their volumes to compared with 2007.

Analyzed period, 17 cases of incongruence situation were occurred, it is down 70% compared with 2007 and it reached 57 M/T and USD 302,000.

Source: Fishone

Translated by Vietfish Community